Key #5 - Incorporate Digital Technology

Track and optimise resource use and strengthen connections between supply chain actors through digital, online platforms and technologies that provide insights

The economic system is inherently adaptable and resilient. The economic system has governance systems, incentives and mechanisms in place that allow it to respond to systemic shocks and crises.

This refers to the distribution of power, the structure of information networks and ensuring that back-ups exist in the case of failure of parts of the system.The same principles of resilience apply on small as well as large scales


maat Group´s Solutions comply this premise


This concept must also be applied to the integral use of new technologies and data management.

maat Group prioritizes both issues and does not conceive a business model where they are not applied.

Obtaining useful and timely information will allow companies to save time, money and effort, as well as making smarter decisions, based on data management, ranging from simple aggregation to very complex mining.

The strategy of 'incorporating digital technology' and therefore the integration of intelligent systems supports a neuralgic premise of the circular economy.

This work often requires tertiary education in relatively new fields of data science and computer engineering, which is why maat Group has prestigious technology  professionals who not only act in their specific field but also participate in the design of the models of business applying his knowledge

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